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"Great stories are written with values in the hearts of men"
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Photo by Luís Pinto, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2011.

Respect. (from the lat. respectu) n. 1. respect; 2. consideration; high regard; 3. deference; compliance; veneration; 4. honour; worship; 5. relation; refererence...

We believe that everyone should be respected for their work, for their attitudes, opinions and options.

Photo by Mila Teshaieva, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2011.

Rigor. (from the lat. rigore) n. 1. harshness; strength; 2.fig., severity; punctuality; accuracy.

There is no "more or less levelled", "more or less upright”, "more or less clean" or "more or less safe", but rather “levelled”, "upright”, "clean” and “safe". The rigour is reflected in our procedures, in time and in the rules to follow. In the light of moral and principles, being severe means being rigorous.

Photo by , finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2012.

Passion. (from the lat. passione) n. 1. intense and usually violent feeling (affection, joy, hate, etc.) which hinders the exercise of impartial logic; 2. derived from a feeling; 3. great predilection; 4. partiality; 5. great grief; immense suffering...

Under the sign of passion – a text of the Portuguese poet Regina Guimarães – is our icon. Passion is to reveal great enthusiasm for something, favourable encouragement or opposite to something.
It is the sensibility transmitted by an architect or engineer through work.
Passion is the dedication to a project. Passion is a state of warm soul.

Photo by Jakub Karwowski, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2012.

Loyalty. (from the lat. legalitate) n. the quality of being loyal; fidelity; sincerity.

Respect for the principles and rules that guide the honour and probity. Faithfulness to commitments and agreements undertaken, staunch character.
To remain loyal to the business partners because we depend on them and they depend on us.
Being trustworthy for being loyal.

Photo by Ian Lieske, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2011.

Solidarity. (from the lat. solidare) n. 1. the quality of being solidary; 2. reciprocal responsibility among the members of a group, namely social, professional, etc.; 3. sense of sharing another’s suffering.

Being solidary is being a friend, offering our hand with genuine generosity and bringing joy and human warmth to those who, somehow, are marginalized. Being solidary is being more human. A solidary company is recognized as a fair and non-selfish company. A solidary company is a preferred choice in business. It is a more competitive company. Volunteering is a vehicle to solidarity. It is modern, fair, cultured, friend, it is a noble gesture of moral elevation.

Photo by Clarence Gorton, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2012.

Courage. (from the lat. coraticum) n. 1. bravery facing danger; intrepidity; to have audacity; 2. moral force before a suffering or setback; 3. [fig.] to input energy when performing a difficult task; perseverance...

Courage is essential in our life. Courage to face less pleasant situations when complex issues come up, not expecting random resolutions.
It is a value that we must highlight as opposed to the fearful, cowardly and laziness.
The courage to react to criticism not with an attitude of demotivation or sadness, but rather to search for the means and the action to overcome its own reason. This kind of courage, which is also an intellectual courage, is highly recommended.

Photo by Filipa Alves, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2011.

Ambition. (from the lat. ambitione) n. 1. vehement desire of wealth, honours or glories; 2. expectation about the future; aspiration; 3. lust; greed…

Vehement desire to achieve a particular goal. Ambition not to resign ourselves. Ambition to take the best potential from ourselves. Ambition to deserve ourselves. Ambition to be athletes in our top-level competitive jobs. Ambition to beat our brands. Ambition to get the best deals with the maximum value, due to the high levels of proficiency and efficiency.

Photo by Scarlett Coten, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2011.

Good Taste. (from the lat. gustu) n. 1. ability to appreciate aesthetic value or standards of something; 2. elegance, refinement, aesthetic sense; 5. particular touch given by an artist to his works.

We decided to build the company's economic foundations under a cultured, cosmopolitan and cool image. Because it is a charming state of being. Good taste because we are sustainable and we respect the planet. Good taste because we are sensitive. Good taste just because.

Photo by Karl Erik Brondbo, finalist of the Emergentes dst Award 2011.

Responsibility. (from the lat respondere) n. the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct; a form of trustworthiness.

We must be certain that, before a choice, we chose what is best for both of us and not just the best for each one. Each employee is responsible for his negotiated activity and co-responsible if the co-worker does not fulfil his own task, thus preventing the common goal. A team is a set of individuals - is a whole. In the business game, as in social or family contexts, everyone must comply with their own relative position and we shall not permit that one of ours fails to be in our team.

Lídia Jorge was awarded the dst Grand Prize for Literature (24th edition) for her work “Estuário”. The award ceremony took place, as usual, at Theatro Circo and marked the opening of the Braga Book Fair.
12. vencedor GPL 2019
The First edition of the dstangola/Camões Prize for Literature distinguished the poet Zetho Cunha Gonçalves for his work “Noite Vertical”. The award ceremony took place on 10 June, in Luanda, as part of the celebrations of the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities.
11. vencedor pl 2019
Located in the sustainable block of Pointe de Trivaux, in Paris, the bold and unique Meudon sports complex is yet another project with an integrated solution signed by bysteel and bysteel fs. Underneath an 11-a-side football pitch, there are a gym, a climbing Wall, paddle and squash courts and an ice-skating rink with 2.5 m high metal beams and an impressive 45 m span.
10. obra paris bysteel
We had the privilege of welcoming Mercedes Valdés, the Cuban Ambassador, who was interest in learning about the group’s activity in the field of engineering and construction. Despite that, she was also surprised and curious about our work in the fields of telecommunications and renewable energy.
9 embaixaodra de cuba
The French giant Eiffage awarded dte, dstgroup’s special facilities company, the reconstruction of a house in the French capital that receives young people facing adverse situations, a contract that is worth 7.2 million Euros.
8. dte obra paris
We were present at the National Award for Urban Rehabilitation gala during which we saw our work Bela da Rainha, a building in Rua da Prata, receiving an Honourable Mention as a finalist in the Best Structural Rehabilitation category of the 2019 edition.
7. PNRU Bela da Rainha
We were proud to receive the “OBCIG Empresas Integradoras” (Integrating Companies OBCIG) award promoted by the Observatório das Comunidades Ciganas (Oservatory of Roma Communities). According to the Secretary of State, this honour is due to our values and the "practices of labour integration of Romani people”, since we have already created "effective job opportunities for, at least, 38 Romani people through programs such as the social-cultural mediators under the ROMED, the municipal mediation program or the Programa Escolhas (Choices Program)".
2. premio ciganos
Prime Minister António Costa visited the dstgroup for the opening of the bysteel fs industrial unit. The new factory represented an investment of 16 million Euros and allowed for the creation of more than 200 jobs and is dedicated to the design, engineering and production of architectural façades and building envelopes. In 2021, it expects to generate revenue in the amount of 45 million Euros.
5. inauguracao bysteel fs
In addition to the dst Grand Prize for Literature, which has been awarded for 24 years, we are promoting, in partnership with Instituto Camões, another annual literary prize, in the amount of 15 thousand Euros, which is aimed at distinguishing poetry and prose works by Angolan writers. The prize will be awarded in June, in Luanda. The presentation event of the dstangola/Camões Prize for Literature, was held at the Auditorium of Camões — Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua (Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language) also included the signing ceremony of the protocol of Company Promoter of Portuguese Language between Camões, I.P. and dstgroup.
The Tour Trinity work in Paris was responsible for giving a second life to the project’s remaining materials, which were reused by Miguel Neves Oliveira, a Portuguese artist from zet gallery, for the creation of two works of art. The two sculptures are now in Portuguese territory and their exhibition has already been inaugurated.
3. bysteel trinity obras de arte
We signed a protocol with IPCA, Instituto Politécnico Cávado (Cávado Politechnic Institute), which is aimed at encouraging applied research activities and offering practical training in the group and, together with Universidade Católica de Braga (Braga Catholic University), we launched a postgraduate course in “Human Training for Senior Executives”, whose objective is to prepare our engineers to become more competent, human and righteous professionals.
2. catolica
In January, the State Delegation visited the ongoing modernization work of the Caíde-Marco de Canaveses Section, on the Douro Line, in which dst, dstrainrail and dte are involved.
1. visita 1 ministro
At the invitation of the European Commission and the Guimarães Municipality, we were the only Portuguese business group invited to participate in the 3rd Digital Cities Challenge Academy Workshop, held in Thessaloniki, in Greece, to present its expert vision for the digital transformation of cities. In this context, we also held our second session of the innovation talks cycle welcoming Vítor Pereira, an expert on smart cities.
8. mosaic grecia
We were awarded the Fleet Magazine Fleet Manager Prize for our CarSharing dst project. As the jury mentioned, this award is due to the fact that this is "an innovative project, well designed and with the particularity that it can reflect positively on the vehicles’ users”.
2. EntregaPremiosFleetMagazine 020
bysteel, a dstgroup’s metalworking company, won the contract for the construction of the new pier at Schiphol Airport, in Amsterdam. Valued at 20 million Euros, this is the first work by bysteel in The Netherlands and its largest contract to date in terms of metal structures.
6. amesterdao
We introduced the new Proef-dstelecom/IB-S Chair, innovative in teaching and research in sustainable telecommunications networks for the digital society of the future, under the 1st anniversary of the Instituto de Ciência e Inovação para a Bio-Sustentabilidade (Institute of Science and Innovation for the Bio-Sustainability).
5. catedra dstelecom
We promoted the Symposium “Arte e Sustentabilidade” (Art and Sustainability) that took place in Braga streets with the objective of showing the close connection between Contemporary Art, Sustainability and Circular Economy. We also inaugurated a new public work of art, “Teresa Walking”, by Julian Opie, the prestigious British artist, given to Braga Municipality. This work of art is on display in the outdoor area of the Altice Forum Braga. The initiatives were supported by zet gallery, the dstgroup’s contemporary art space.
4. simposio dstgroup
bysteel, a dstgroup’s metalworking company, which celebrates 10 years in the market this year, besides its head office in Portugal, it is also present in Angola, France, United Kingdom and now in The Netherlands.
3. bysteel angola
The works in which we have been involved continue to receive distinction and awards. The new head office of Abreu Advogados won the 2018 National Award for Urban Rehabilitation, in the Commercial and Services category. Passadiços do Paiva were once again distinguished at the World Travel Awards as Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction.
9. abreu advogados
We had the privilege of welcoming, Helena Pilsas Ahlin, the Swedish Ambassador, who was interest in learning about the group’s activity in the field of renewable energy. Under the international mobility framework, we also welcomed students from Sweden and Turkey on field trips.
1. visita embaixadora da suecia
Tourism Oscars - Paiva Walkways distinguished worldwide, once again at the World Travel Awards as the best destination for Adventure Tourists, a work with the brand of dstgroup.
Daniel Jonas is the winner of the dst Grand Prize for Literature XXIII with the work "Oblívio".
PNRU Distinction - The headquarters of Abreu Advogados, which included several dstgroup brands in its renovation, was honored, once again, this time at the Trade and Services category in the 6th edition of the National Award for Urban Rehabilitation (PNRU) 2018.
We promote a day of lectures and debates in the 3rd edition of the Semana da Economia de Braga (Economy of Week in Braga), along with the IB-S (University of Minho). With focus on the Digital Evolution subject in construction and in the cities, we have the participation of several national and international prestigious experts, as well as the Ministers of the Environment and the Economy.
We signed another cultural sponsorship protocol with a public school in Braga linked to the arts - Calouste Gulbenkian.
Participation in the 2nd Congress of Portuguese Building Information Modeling, PTBIM, held at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, where we talk about the digitization of construction in dstgroup through implementation of BIM methodology.
We participate in Portugal SmartCITIES Summit where we present the new dstgroup brand dedicated to the Smart cities market, the mosaic. The new brand aims to create a network linking people throughout the territory, in villages, towns or cities, applying engineering and innovation, and contributing to instill a cultural sensitivity into the market which defines all dstgroup activities, embodied in its own signature: "Building Culture for Smarter Cities and Communities".
We received another distinction! The Euromoney Real Estate Award Survey in 2017 in the category "Best Developers, Industrial / Warehouse Portugal".
Two works of the dstgroup nominated for the "Oscars of Real Estate" in 2018: The Designer Outlet Algarve in the category of Shopping Centers and headquarters of Abreu Advogados in the category of Offices.
More than 40 students, the best students of Portuguese secondary education, visited the city of Braga and the University of Minho and the dstgroup was chosen to be visited by these young prodigies!
We continue to support the best students of Civil Engineering of the University of Minho, this year with the award of seven merit scholarships, two more scholarships after the five granted in previous years.
dst solar signed a partnership with the Swiss company Leclanché, world’s leading supplier of energy storage solutions.
12 leclanche
dstelecom established a partnership with the Cube Infrastructure Managers fund, which aims to reach 500 000 homes covered by optical fibre network by the beginning of 2020.
11 dstelecom
We were visited by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Chulmin Park, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, Karima Benyaich, and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Environment of Timor-Leste, Constâncio da Conceição Pinto.
10. visita embaixador
Mário Cláudio is the big winner of the 22nd dst Literary Award, with the work “Astronomy”.
9. GPL
Inauguration of the dst-IB-S Professorship in Construction of the Future: Automation and Modularisation, a pioneer project in Portugal, between the dstgroup and the Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability (IB-S) of UMinho. The professorship will develop fundamental and technological research, in close collaboration with the group, in order to rethink and reinvent the construction industry, contributing to increasing competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability in the construction sector.
8. catedra
Homage to Professor Vítor Aguiar e Silva with the inauguration of a sculpture – Arts, Humanities, and Engineering – in partnership with the University of Minho and shairart.
7. vitor aguiar e silva
Reinforced implementation of the 5S methodology across the group: works and offices.
6. campanha 5S
The dstgroup launched an internal car ride sharing platform – the CarSharing dst – with the goal of reducing the number of rentals and making the group more efficient and responsible, both in the economic and environmental aspects.
5. carsharing
innovationpoint, a dstgroup company, created an innovative solution for environmental quality monitoring, in partnership with the Municipal Council of Braga, which will have a significant impact on the life quality of city residents.
4. i9p CMBraga
Bysteel distinguished with the Portugal Steel Award, by the Portuguese Association of Metallic and Mixed Construction, in the category of Metalworking Company, for the MAAT project.
3 premio bysteel
Various distinguished and award-winning works, such as the Lisbon 8 Building; the Paiva Walkways; the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology; the Port of Leixões Cruise Terminal, and the head office of Abreu Advogados.
2. Lisbon 8 building
Consolidation of the Building Information Modelling in the dstgroup with an increasingly multifaceted and versatile team.
Start of dst group business in the United Kingdom and Belgium.
2bpartner makes its first investment in the Sphere Ultrafast Photonics project.
timeline sphere ultrafast photonics
bysteel closes contract for the metallic construction of 12 hospitals in the Republic of Congo.
Launch of the shair project, with the platform developed by innovation point.
timeline shair be a part
Launch of the slogan “building culture” and the new website for the dst group.
timeline building culture
Reinforcement of partnership with ZTE, one of the biggest Chinese technology companies.
Vodafone is the first major operator to market “triple-play” services on the rural fibre networks of dstelecom.
Reinforcement of internationalisation of dte in Angola. The operation was begun in 2013, but it had the largest number of adjudications in May of this year.
Protocol with the University of Minho to implement the Merit Grant scheme in Civil Engineering.
UMinho bolsas de merito
Third course in Advanced Management at the Porto Business School, designed for 26 staff members and representing an investment of over 200,000 euros.
dst group backs innovation: innovation box created, decidInovar campaign launched and implementation of the daily half hour of innovation.
timeline decidInovar
Powertracker platform created, developed by innovation point.
Noticia powertracker
bysteel receives European certification with EN 1090-1 standard approval, for plant production control and quality, approving “CE” marking for its products.
Restaurant M renovated.
timeline Neon restaurante M
Conclusion of investment of around 85 million euros in New Generation Networks (NGN) North and Alentejo, and Algarve.
Inauguration of the manicure room, a Christmas present for the staff of the dst group.
timeline Manicure
The dst group achieved its best ever profits in 2013.
Exame Magazine, in partnership with Accenture, honours the dst group as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.
Construction of “Campus Desportivo dst” and promotion of the initiative named “Collective Organic Gardens ".
Significant investment on Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) and certification of the IDI management system, under the NP 4457 standard.
Implementation of the 2MW photovoltaic solar plant project and establishment of the PIP Solar, promoter of project.
Reinforcement towards internationalization, with the entry in the Mozambican market and the strong growth of the international turnover.
export dst
Investment in the environmental sector in Angola, by means of an agreement with Angola Environment Technology – Greentech.
Significant investment of dst renováveis in internationalization, through the entry in the Canadian market (dst solaris) and USA (sure energy).
dstsolarissure logotipo
dst group receives the Award for Excellence in Work in the sectors of Construction, Infrastructures Management and Transports and was ranked in second place on the top 5, in the category of Great Company.
Start-up of the production activity in the scope of photovoltaic solar panels: global sun, s.a.
Opening of the International Photography Award - Emergentes dst, with a prize money of €7,500, granted annually to the best Contemporary Photography Portfolio. This Award is organized by "Encontros da Imagem", one of the most important initiatives in Portugal in the field of visual arts.
dst renováveis wins the assignment of the 2 MW photovoltaic solar power hotspot.
dst group wins the public competition for New Generation Networks in the rural areas of the North and the South of the country (establishment of dstelecom Norte and dstelecom alentejo and algarve).
Exame Magazine, in partnership with Heidrick & Struggles (H&S), honours the dst group as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.
Presentation of the "Transportable Tourist Tower" (ttt) as the second Portugal pavilion at World Expo Shanghai 2010.
ttt torre turistica transportavel
Launch of the mobile app “Vocation”, developed by Innovation Point.
Exame Magazine, in partnership with Heidrick & Struggles (H&S), elects the dst group as the 8th best company to work for in Portugal.
Launch of Lappiz and Rayleague social networks and the Bologna free software for students, developed by Innovation Point.
Construction of Et3 Energetic modular technology prototype– sustainable housing.
Reinforcement towards the telecommunications sector: establishment of Porto Digital – Operador Neutro de Telecomunicações, S.A., the company responsible for the construction of optical fiber network of the city of Oporto; participation in the public competition for New Generation Networks in rural areas: installation, management, operation and maintenance of high-speed networks throughout the interior of the country (North, Centre and South).
Reinforcement towards renewable energies through the establishment of dst hydro, S.A., a company responsible for the development of electric power production projects through the use of water resources.
dsthydro logotipo
Investment within the scopes of photovoltaic (installation of systems) and energy efficiency throught the creation of dst solar, S.A.
dstsolar logotipo
Exame Magazine, in partnership with Heidrick & Struggles (H&S), elects the dst group as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.
Reinforcement towards the water and environment sector through the acquisition of Aquapor – Serviços, S.A. à AdP – Águas de Portugal SGPS, S.A.
aquapor logotipo
Establishment of a branch in Vigo, Spain.
New extension of the central administration building (central offices).
Transfer of the ready-mix concrete plant from the municipality of Melgaço to the business Park of Paredes.
Investment of the Group in the sector of telecommunications: establishment of the sub-holding DSTelecom, SGPS, S.A.; establishment of MinhoCom and ValiCom, in partnership with Vale do Minho and Vale do Lima intermunicipal communities, for the construction, maintenance and operation of fiber-optic networks intended for sale to telecommunication operators.
dstelecom minhocom valicom
Establishment of the most recent and modern ribbed steel bar cutting and straightening service centre, intended for the production of steel frames to be used in the wind tower foundations of the wind farms: Steelgreen, S.A., located in the Industrial Park of Gême, in Vila Verde.
steelgreen logotipo
Investment of the Group in the sector of photovoltaic solar energy through a R&D unit and a production unit of photovoltaic solar panels: Global Sun, S.A.
global sun logotipo
Spin-off: empowering by means of the split of 6 business units – aggregate extraction, -geotechnics, ready-mixed concrete, wood, ornamental stone and steelwork – with an investment equivalent to 12 million euros and the recruitment of 200 new employees, of which 50 were senior executives.
Great Place to Work Institute elects dst, S.A. as one of the best construction and public works company to work for in Portugal.
Extension of the geotechnics department and of the store facilities for equipment and materials.
Extension of the steelwork facilities.
International investment position with a share in WAY2B, ACE.
way2b logotipo
Skills upgrading in the area of rehabilitation and restoration with the acquisition of CARI, settled in the city of Guimarães.
cari logotipo
Opening of the Lisbon offices, located in Travessa do Alecrim, nr 3 – second floor.
Set up of a ready-mix concrete plant in the municipality of Melgaço, to meet the needs of Alto Minho I wind farm.
Reinforcement towards the investment in the sector of renewable energies through the establishment of the sub-holding dst_Energias Renováveis, SGPS, S.A. and dstWind, S.A., and by means of the strengthening of the dst group’s shareholder position, in the wind farm of Alto Minho I (25,63%).
dst renovaveis dst wind
Establishment of Investhome – SGPS, S.A. and HomeInvest Fund.
Establishment of a protocol between VentoMinho-Energias Renováveis (owned by dst) and Comédias do Minho - Associação para a Promoção de Atividades Culturais do Vale do Minho which lays the foundations for cooperation in order to boost cultural values in Vale do Minho by means of the promotion of activities within the scope of theater, music and cinema.
Establishment of Fundação da Bienal de Cerveira, whose Board of Directors is chaired by the local mayor, José Manuel Carpinteira, with the participation of Fernando Nogueira, vice president of the municipality, Henrique Silva, Director of the Biennale of Art, José Teixeira, CEO of dst group, and Carlos Dias, a Professor from the University of Minho.
Extension of the central administration building (central offices).
Construction of a pavilion to house a Professional Training Centre and warehouses for equipment and materials.
Constitution of Innovation Point – Investigação e Desenvolvimento, S.A.
innovation logotipo
Start up of the group’s business activity within the scopes of water, sanitation and waste treatment, through the establishment of Geswater - Águas e Resíduos, S.A. e da Agere –Águas, Efluentes e Resíduos de Braga, E.M.
geswater agere
The Great dst Literature Award becomes a national initiative intended to distinguish annually a Portuguese work from a Portuguese writer.
Reorganization of the corporate structure of the dst group in order to optimize the allocation of resources, generate synergies and consolidate and leverage the group's presence in the market.
Construction of the Ornamental Stones pavilion.
Set up of a ready-mix concrete plant in the municipality of Guimarães.
Construction of a pavilion attached to the central archive and workshops.
Construction of the production center pavilion for woods.
Investment of the Group in the sector of renewable energies, including wind energy, with the establishment of the companies: EOL Verde – Energia Eólica, S.A.; EEVM – Empreendimentos Eólicos Vale do Minho, S.A.; Parque Eólico Alto da Vaca, Lda.; EOL Minho – Energias Renováveis, S.A.
Set up of a ready-mix concrete plant in the municipality of Trofa.
Relocation of the head office and centralization of all activity sectors (administrative, technical and logistics) in the dst complex located in Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.
Establishment of Monte Dourado – Hipermercados e Imobiliária, S.A.
Establishment of Investhome – Construção e Imobiliária, S.A.
investhome logotipo
Investment in a new business sector: steelworks.
Start of the construction works for dst complex in Pitancinhos, Palmeira (Braga), including the pavilion to house dte, mechanical and steelwork workshops, the central administration building (central offices) and the administrative building for equipment and logistics.
Relocation of the site construction premises to the industrial park of Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.
Integration of the human resources coming from Móveis Tinoleite & Filhos, Lda carpentry.
Reorganization of the dst group: establishment of the holding dstsgps, s.a.
Expansion of the business area in the scope of ornamental stones.
Enlargement of the working area occupied by the administrative offices, in the Olympus Building, Maximinos.
Set-up of a ready-mix concrete plant in Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.
In 1996, the company became a limited liability company: Domingos da Silva Teixeira, S.A.
Opening of the Great dst Literature Award.
Establishment of Domingos da Silva Teixeira – Empreitadas Eléctricas, Lda.
dte logotipo
Production of bituminous mixtures.
Relocation of the head office to Rua Cidade do Porto, n. º 79 (Olympus Building), Maximinos, Braga.
Acquisition of “Monte Soeiro” quarry, located in Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.
Establishment of Imobiliária Teixeira & Filhos, Lda. (Real Estate).
Establishment of Domingos da Silva Teixeira & Filhos, Lda.
dst logotipo
Pavement sidewalk works in Braga (ex: Hotel Turismo; Gold Centre Shopping Centre).
Supply of materials for the construction of 1.º de Maio Municipal Stadium, in Braga.
Start-up of the construction activity in the scope of aggregate extraction, by the family Silva Teixeira.